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21-Day Transformation

In 3 weeks you will learn how to straighten your back and shoulders,
tone your body, and smooth your skin.
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My story:
I was amazed by how doing very simple and effective exercises at-home helped me to correct my back and neck, generate better blood circulation to my face and the rest of my body.

 My course will help you:

Straighten your spine: reduce humps, improve posture
Eliminate wrinkles and frown lines: create a smooth, lifted forehead and reduce the signs of aging
Lengthen your neck: relieve spasms and tension, lower the shoulders to create definition
Reduce swelling in your face and body: minimize water retention and increase blood flow to your face
Strengthen & tighten your jawline: make your chin sharper and more defined
Improve under eye area: reduce eye bags, lift drooping eyelids
Smooth your smile lines: create a more youthful smile while reducing laughter lines!
Remove your double chin: say hello to a beautiful, sharper jawline and silhouette
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Melannett has helped 300,000 people to achieve such changes:
What to expect from this course?

The course is designed to provide you with a smooth and easy start, with daily new exercises.  I will provide you with effective exercises lasting 1-2 minutes and give easy to understand explanations of the techniques and tools that will help you restore and preserve your natural beauty and youth.

The initial set of exercises are standard for everyone.  This is followed by a set of classes which are customized according to your personal needs.  
1 week: Launching blood / lymph / metabolic systems, improve your eye zone, relax muscles 

2 week: Straighten your back and shoulders, reduce all wrinkles, improve your neck zone

3 week: Increase blood flow, make your face lifted up and lips plumper

Day 1: You're launching body systems: blood, lymph, metabolism
Day 2: You soften your body
Day 3: You make your back and shoulders more straight and learn to hold yourself like a Queen!
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What else about this course?

Anywhere: study and train wherever you are in the world
Support 24/7 support from our coaches and community
Anytime: Melannett fits around your schedule, you decide when to practice
Regain your power and self-confidence today!
Pregnant: can be practiced during pregnancy and lactation
Lifetime practice: once learnt, these skills are yours forever
About me


I’m Annette Melnikova and I’m a health and beauty coach who has helped more than 300,000 people around the World to improve their health, lose weight and look and feel their best!

I’m here to share the unique and powerful at-home face and body work out system that I’ve developed.

After watching my videos, you’ll realize that you can achieve amazing results in your appearance by yourself at home.

Years of personal practice
Completed marathons
300 000
Reviews with photos of results
Customer Testimonials:
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Melannett Marathon Miami USA Seminar - Happy Testimonial
Melannett Marathon Miami USA Seminar - Happy Testimonial
Melannett Marathon Miami USA Seminar - Happy Testimonial
The Melannett course is only $2.45 per lesson. For less than the price of a cup of coffee!
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As described in my courses and on my blog, I have tested all of the methods myself and only share the most effective ways to influence appearance with my students... I have poured all of my experience and passion into developing the Melannett courses— these are courses that include the most effective set of exercises that can help you to restore and preserve your natural beauty and youth.

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