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Course to take care of your face and body

In 3 weeks you can gain a straight back and shoulders, tone your face, and reinforce self-confidence.
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What are we doing in this course?
7 exercises to: improve posture, relieve spasms, and tension
7 exercises to: smooth your lines, tighten your jawline, and eliminate double chin
7 exercises to: improve eye and forehead areas
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Start doing exercises today!

It helps to gain a straight back, improve posture and relieve tension
What to expect from this course?
21 videos with exercises.
New day - new exercise
In 3 weeks you сan notice changes
Chat with Anna and our face yoga coaches
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What should we do in this course?
You start and we find the best content according to your request.
On the first day, you'll get 1 exercise for 2 minutes and do it on the same day.
On the second day, you are already doing 2 exercises (av. for 3 min): the new exercise that appeared in your personal account that day at 7:00, аnd the exercise from the first day you got yesterday!
On the third day, you are already doing 3 exercises (av. 5 min): the one that you received today and 2 exercises from the two previous days. Repeat each day!
On the 21st day of the course, you'll perform 21 exercises (av. for 20 min) and you'll get a noticeable result!


Only 49$ for beauty when 1 procedure from a beautician costs more than $1 000

Our course:
  • Non-invasive practice anytime
  • 15-20 minutes a day, 49$ for the course
  • Constant result
Procedure from a beautician:
  • Depends on time of beautician
  • More 10 hours and 10 000$ per a year
  • Depends on visits to a beautician
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Melannett Marathon Miami USA Seminar - Happy Testimonial
Melannett Marathon Miami USA Seminar - Happy Testimonial
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Study anywhere in the world with the Internet access
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Why me?


I’m Annette Melnikova and I’m a certified health and beauty coach who has helped more than 300,000 people around the world to improve their health, lose weight, and look and feel their best!

I’m here to share the unique and powerful at home face and body workout system I’ve developed.

After watching my videos, you’ll realize that you can achieve amazing results in your appearance by yourself at home.

Years of personal practice
Launched courses
300 000
Reviews with photos of results
Frequently Asked Questions
1. When should I practice the exercises?
Every exercise - once a day; some of them - in the morning and others - right before going to bed. When you practice exercises in the morning, it wakes up the body and makes you more aware of movements throughout the day. If you find it hard to practice the poses in the morning, practice them throughout the day. Some of the poses you can practice while you are driving, cooking, watching TV and even in the shower! Try to make it into an everyday habit.
2. How often should I practice the exercises before I see the results?
Some people see results right away, even after one practice! But after 2 weeks of practice most people will see results (see Before/After photos). Please note that measuring changes is very different from measuring body changes which are easy to track with scales and other measuring devices. For this reason, I highly recommend taking Before/After photos to keep yourself motivated.
3. Do I have to do all the poses every day?
For the best results, I highly recommend doing all the poses every day. However, if you have a specific concern, you can practice specific poses for problem areas. Once you form the habit of practicing the exercises of Melannett your body and face may feel strange if you don’t do it every day, kind of like brushing your teeth every day. For best results do a little bit of practice every day instead of doing a long practice every once in a while.
4. My face and body feels strange after practicing, is it normal?
It is absolutely normal! In fact, that means you are moving the face and body muscles you are not used to moving. Your body and brain are getting new stimulation. If you feel too much pain or intense sensation take it easy on the poses and consult your physician.
5. I have a face lift, can I still practice the exercises?
Yes! One of the beauties of our course - it can be practiced/ combined with other face treatments. However, since some liquids suppress the facial muscle movements, it can be hard to move the face muscles right after the treatment. If you feel extreme discomfort, please stop the exercise and consult your physician.
6. Should I consult with a doctor about practicing this exercising?
Of course, it’s very important to be careful with your body and face, because I’m not a doctor :)

It’s better to do a few poses of the Melannett course every day or to practice all the poses of the course every other day?

Your success in achieving the changes you want really depends on your daily exercise. As I mentioned earlier, if you do not use your muscle, you lose them. It is better to do fewer poses every day rather than all the poses once in a while. Develop your own daily routine with your favorite poses.
7. Lifetime access. Will I continue to have access to the course even after I complete it?
Yes, you have access to the platform forever after your start!

I bought the course on sale. Does this affect how long I have access to the course?

Your access to a course is not affected by the price you paid for it.
8. How to refund a course?
We want you to be satisfied, so our course purchased on can be refunded within 30 days. For whatever reason, if you are unhappy with a course, you can request a refund, provided the request meets the guidelines in our refund policy.

How to request a refund?

Please, text us in support chat or on email [email protected]
9. Payment methods on
Depending on your location and what country your account is registered in, your payment methods may include the following:
International Credit And Debit Cards: We accept most major international credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay.

PayPal is a supported method of payment for courses in most countries.
10. How to solve payment issues?
If you encountered a payment error message which told you to contact support directly, however, please click here.
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